Your Mom’s Gift to Others

Your Mother Will Give Back


When your Mother is inducted into The Native Texan Hall of Fame, she’s permitted to give, and give, and give some more to the qualified Texas organization she loves.  

Your gift to her becomes her gift to them.

The typical Texas Mother cares deeply about many things.  She may long to make a significant Support Your Mother's Passioncontribution to:

  • Texas Families;
  • Texas Children;
  • Texas Health;
  • Texas Churches;
  • Texas Communities;
  • or Texas Motherhood.

With this gift, your Mother is permitted to make that significant contribution, not just once, but over and over again.

The interests and concerns of Texas Mothers are as diverse as the women who support them.  When you honor your Mother, you’ll also honor her issues.  

It works like this, in addition to honoring your Mother, your Mother is permitted to direct subsequent funding to the qualified Texas club, cause, church or school that she nominates to become a new Friend of Texas.  Friends of Texas is where you’ll nominate your Mother into the Native Texan Hall of Fame.  Once your Mother’s preferred organization becomes a Friend of Texas, they’re permitted to receive remittances from the nomination of future honorees.  

Upon induction into The Hall, your Mom is permitted to name a qualified Friend of Texas.  This Friend of Texas is then positioned to receive remittances from others that share your Mothers desire for them to receive continuing support.  

Nominating your Mother for induction into the Native Texan Hall of Fame provides her with an incredible gift.  It shows her and the world how much you love, adore and appreciate your Mom.  As importantly, it also permits her to include another in your generosity.  

After induction, your Mother receives a letter explaining how she can nominate the qualified Texas organization near and dear to her as a new Friend of Texas.  Once named, that organization will receive a postal mail communication from us telling them of their new funding resource.

Both your Mother and the organization she cares about will thank you.  

Nominate your Mother today!  Click Here!

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